Thursday, July 25, 2013

Early Start to Potty Training

I recently heard a pediatrician on a talk show say parents should not be in a hurry when toilet training,when they are ready ,children will teach themselves to use the potty properly.

The statement is true of children who teach themselves to use the toilet at an appropriate time ,but majority of children will require the adults to initiate the learning process and guide them through it .

Children have an innate desire to be independent  in personal care activities from a very young age.If parent assist in this development of independence it can lead to an independent and confident child .

If parents do not seize the opportunity to toilet train when the child is ready,that readiness will likely wane,resulting in a child who is indefinitely content with messy diapers. For proof of this one need only talk to parents who having initially missed the boat are now struggling with a  3 year old.This increasingly commonplace state of affairs only benefits the manufacturers of disposable diapers and diaper rash cream .

Moving from diapers into independent toileting  is like moving from a diet of exclusive breast milk to solid foods. The sooner you start the sooner you finish .Studies show that the age of starting potty training  clearly affects the age of completion.When parents begin early the children are trained fast. Older children refuse and resist potty training .

The ideal time to start potty training is at the age of one year .Your child can start using the potty by his first birthday and be trained by two years.

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