Monday, March 2, 2015

Potty training made easy

7 Quick tips to potty train your child

Use cloth not plastic : Avoid using disposable diapers and make the child wear potty training pants.

Maintain a schedule :Understand the needs of your child and create a reasonable toileting schedule that both you and your child can easily maintain.

Be consistentEven if there are setbacks do not revert back and give up potty training.

Never force the child to sit on the potty seat: Avoid putting your child on the potty when crying, fussy, or agitated.

Be patient : A child needs immense amount of adult attention, patience and consistent effort to achieve success in toilet training.

Communicate with other caregiversInform your child’s caregiver to remain constant with the toileting procedures at home and at daycare.

Start early : Start potty training your child when he is a year old.

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