Tuesday, February 11, 2014

What is a baby friendly nursery ?

     A baby-friendly nursery is a safe environment that is designed with a focus on how the baby will use the space, rather than how a parent or adult might.
     Notably missing in a baby-friendly room is the crib. In its place, a floor bed tucked in a corner is used so the baby can crawl into it when it’s time to sleep and crawl out of it when she’s had enough sleep.A floor bed is a mattress placed either directly on the floor or on top of a floor covering such as a rug. Sometimes, a low, slatted base or bed frame is used. Typically, the mattress is firm and only a few inches thick.
       Picture frames are hung low on the walls at their eye level to allow the baby to see them better. Low, sturdy shelves are also used so the baby can access toys and books easily.

The baby-friendly nursery should be baby-proofed by covering electrical sockets, securing and hiding all electrical, lamp and curtain cords and using stable shelving and furniture that can’t be tipped over. The door to the room should also have a safety gate installed.

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