Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Encouraging Independence in Children

          All parents today want children to grow up to become people who have    confidence in their ability to take care of themselves.Confidence is necessary  in every case for a fulfilling life.For children to develop confidence in their own abilities ,they have to be  helped to care for themselves independently .

     An adult cannot give a child self esteem .They must earn it through their own efforts. Personal care provides a  great opportunity for building self esteem and confidence. We discover the childʼs interest in mastering skills for personal care peaks   somewhere between twelve months and two years.This period is sometimes  referred as a time of self affirmation .

    Very often the child cannot reach the washbasin or the mirror is too high for  her to see herself,the chair is too big ,the pants are too tight for her to pull up  or the comb is too big for her hands to hold .
     The role of parent should be to assist this process by encouraging them to  become independent.As parent you must provide them opportunities to assist  them in this process of independence in basic personal care activities like  bathing ,toilet training , dressing,grooming . Even utmost independence must be encouraged in eating meals

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