Thursday, March 15, 2012

Why Organic cotton clothing for babies

     Skin allergies are becoming quite common in babies, as all babies have sensitive skin. Your baby's skin is very delicate. It is three times thinner, making it more susceptible to harmful irritants and bacteria that can lead to infection and possible long-term ailments.a baby's skin is more porous and thinner than an adult’s skin? That means that their skin absorbs things very easily. Thus  children are at greater risk for pesticide-related health problems than adults. 

  Commercial cotton is grown today using pesticides and chemicals fertilizers.Conventional cotton baby apparel and accessories  are usually bleached, dyed and treated with softeners, formaldehydes, fire retardants, wrinkle and soil guard chemicals. These all are harmful to a small developing baby and often cause skin allergies.
       Baby apparel should be made of 100% certified organic cotton. Organic cotton baby clothes allow moisture to evaporate away from your baby's sensitive skin, whereas synthetic clothes are not breathable. This means they can trap moisture and cause irritation.Organic cotton baby apparel is created from  certified organic cotton,which  is  grown using sustainable farming practices that maintain and replenish soil fertility without the use of toxic and persistent pesticides and fertilizers.
   Thus make you precious little angel wear organic cotton baby clothing. 


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