Thursday, April 19, 2012

Is your little one ready to begin potty training?

Is your little one ready to begin potty training? 

Why choose reusable cloth training pants?

Save money - just like cloth diapers, cloth training pants are much cheaper in the long-run than their disposable counterparts
Safer for your child - only pure, chemical-free organic cotton touches your child's skin instead of petroleum-derived synthetic fibers and absorbent chemicals

Speed up potty training - with reusable cloth training pants your child will actually feel it when he/she has an accident and this awareness is necessary for potty training to be successful
Better for the environment - made from sustainable/organic materials, which are less damaging than synthetics; and reusable products result in less waste.

We offer organic cotton training pants . Only super-soft, pure and absorbent organic cotton touches your toddler's sensitive skin. We offer one style of totally plastic-free, chemical-free organic cotton training pants.. All are made in a pull-up style that feels like "big-kid" underwear to facilitate your child's transition from diapers.

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  1. Hello--I am wondering how many layers of absorbency are in the "wet-zone" of the trainer? My daughter seems to pee straight-through her current training unders, and I'm looking for an organic alternative. Thanks!