Thursday, June 20, 2013

Communication with your baby

Right from the moment of birth your baby is not only absorbing your words but is also taking in your tone, intonation and the structure of the way you speak. He creates his own way of speaking from the things that he hears. To start with he will only communicate by using body language and by crying but as he grows words will start to spill out of him and these words will be as rich and as fluently expressed as the words he has heard around him in the first years of his life. 

As parents you can make a difference to our child's language by following a few simple principles.
*Prepare the environment for good communication, which means preparing yourself and other family members, because you are the child's environment for language.
Connect your child to the environment through talking, listening, and reading.


Make time for your child to absorb your words and practise speaking.

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