Thursday, April 9, 2015

Accidents while Potty Training

Accidents while Potty Training

     When you are potty training your child, accidents are definitely a part of this stage and knowing how to handle them is an import part of the potty training process. 
     When you first notice that your baby has wet his clothes or soiled his potty training pants or clothes you should  not overreact  and make the child feel that he has done something wrong. Just be very cool and calm and tell him " It is time to go to the potty". 
  Take him into the bathroom and get him changed and also make him have a short sit on the potty. Even if he has jus emptied his bladder , encourage him to sit on the potty seat.This will help reinforce the association between going to the potty and the potty seat .
     Then get him into  some clean potty training pants and let him get back to play and normal routine.

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